Our Mission

  • To help evolve our community by providing parents with a safe and secure transportation option for their children.

  • We strive to help alleviate the stress that parents feel when they have little or no support.

  • And to help parents with a sense of relief and comfort while balancing their day to day lives. Trust us to help you transport your children and service your needs.

Janae Wheeler

Ms. Wheeler is a single mother to three young children, she became a mother at a young age and has experienced many of the struggles that come along with juggling everyday stresses along with parenting. After undergoing much hardship, Janae wanted to find a way to help parents who are overexerted by managing multiple tasks on a day to day basis. Through self-experience she knew the inconvenience that a lack of transportation can have on a family.

The average parent works between the hours of 9 am and 5pm, most afternoons are a never-ending rush. Parents are rushing  to escape traffic in order to get to the schools or daycares on time, failing to do so usually results in hefty late fees.


There are many jobs that are unwilling or unable to adjust for a parent’s busy life, this usually ends with a parent leaving the job or eventually getting terminated, simply for trying to be an active parent. Some parents are forced to missed precious moments with their child. Thus, leading Ms. Wheeler to find a solution to this common problem that most parents face. Providing safe, child friendly transportation gives parents an opportunity to make it to work on time knowing that they’re using a trusted service transporting their child and alleviating a huge stress in their lives, best of all no more late fees.


Janae Wheeler is a leader and serves as an advocate in her community. Janae has over 15 years of experience working with children of all ages, and has volunteered at various community-based organizations such as Urban League of Central Carolinas, and Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services.

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